Everything DiSC® Need Tags

Everything DiSC® Need Tags


(Set of 10)

These reusable magnetic Need Tags are a great way to get people talking during a networking event or a facilitation session. Choose from 13 different tags or purchase the Starter Set that includes one of each tag (blank not included). Individual tag sets (set of 10) include “Hello My Need Is”:

  • Accuracy (set of 10)
  • Action (set of 10)
  • Challenge (set of 10)
  • Coffee (set of 10)
  • Collaboration (set of 10)
  • Enthusiasm (set of 10)
  • Happy Hour! (set of 10)
  • Results (set of 10)
  • Stability (set of 10)
  • Support (set of 10)
  • To be a Star (setof10)
  • Chocolate (set of 10)
  • Blank-create your own (set of 10)

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